What is your main drone challenge?

You want to start?

You are aware that drones might be able to help you work better but you are discouraged by all the complexities?

You realize that there are considerable knowledge and financial investment needed for successful drone adoption and you would rather focus on your own work than learn about drones all by yourself?

Wouldn’t it be useful to have assistance in planning, testing and deciding on the best way forward?

You need to advance?

You already have a drone program in your organization that needs to grow. You want to make sure that the best practices are followed but your organization lacks expertise in certain key processes like Risk Management, Service Level Management or Safety Management?

Your current drone operations are safe and you view it as valuable but you need a way to effectively prove this to the rest of your organization and secure a long term business support and funding?

You are looking to outsource?

You want to focus on your core business activities and have someone else perform the flights and initial data processing for you?

You only need aerial images (photography, thermography, video, maps etc.) to help you work effectively?

You want to have your drone-related processes designed and coordinated externally, by an experienced pilot and operations expert?

Meet us

UAS Consulting is a start-up company based in Brussels, Belgium. It was started by Igor Tesija, an experienced IT professional, licensed private pilot and lifelong aviation enthusiast.

Fascinated by capabilities of unmanned aircraft and the potential improvements they can bring to countless areas of human activity he decided to leave his career in a major IT corporation and focus on helping others to benefit from these exciting new technologies.

By merging the experiences from enterprise IT service management and aviation, the company offers comprehensive and targeted services in order to facilitate adoption of best practices in drone operations, avoid mistakes and accelerate success.

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Our services

Adoption Accelerators

Understand options, formulate the needs, perform initial tests and plan future drone operations.

We focus on practical knowledge transfer and on enabling you to do it yourself.

Best Practices

Analyze your drone program against best practices and identify gaps.

Accordingly, prioritize, plan and implement improvement actions.

Operations Management

Hire an experienced pilot and operations expert to setup and manage your complex drone operations.

Drone as a Service

Define the results you need (photography, thermography, etc.), test and fine tune the formats.

Focus on your core business activities while we do the flying and data preparation.

UAS Consulting SPRL

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1060 Bruxelles

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VAT: BE0672.602.156

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