Adoption Accelerators

Use drones to improve your work without needing to become a drone expert, a licensed pilot, a lawyer, a cameraman, a thermographer, etc.

Adoption Accelerators

Use drones to improve your work without needing to become a drone expert, a licensed pilot, a lawyer, a cameraman, a thermographer, etc.

With recent advancement of technology, it is very easy to acquire a drone with advanced capabilities. Likewise, their level of automation makes it relatively easy to fly them. However, the challenge is to use them successfully and safely in work related scenarios. That is much more complex than the apparent ease and simplicity with which drones can be purchased and controlled suggest.

Furthermore, to be able to truly benefit from drone usage, a considerable knowledge in different fields is needed and the mistakes made in the early stages can cause a lot of frustration, disappointment and unwanted costs afterwards.

There are many questions that any potential new operator needs to consider;


What kind of drone, sensor and deliverable formats are the best fit for our needs and constraints?

How should we maintain our equipment to ensure safe operations?

How should we follow all the relevant technology developments?


How can we organize flight operations to be consistent, efficient and safe?

What kind of documents do we need to develop and maintain?

How do we measure and report value of our drone operations?


What is the process and cost of obtaining a pilot license? How many pilots do we need?

How should we assign responsibilities and what would that mean for our current tasks?

Should we build the drone team in-house or should we outsource the operations?


Who are all the relevant regulators (aviation authority, local authorities, privacy body etc.)?

Which regulations and rules apply and what are the requirements to lawfully fly our missions?

How to make sure that we are aware and able to follow all the regulatory updates?

What do we propose?

To address these questions effectively and to help you start and keep moving forward, we propose a phased approach based on our adoption accelerator packages. Our accelerator packages include all the steps necessary to ensure success and avoid costly mistakes. They enable you to minimize the risk of overcommitting your resources to build a drone program before fully understanding its value and how it fits into your environment and business practices. 

The accelerator packages can be tailored to fit different requirements, as well as organizations of various sizes, ambitions and capabilities. 



Understand current drone landscape and build the adoption roadmap.


Align views of all attendees by introducing current drone landscape from all relevant perspectives (i.e. technology, regulation, and organizational aspects).

Discuss the organization’s needs, ideas, options and constraints and agree on optimal next steps and high level roadmap.


One day workshop that combines presentations with facilitated brainstorming sessions.

The final deliverable is a document with agreed high-level roadmap and key recommendations.

Drones for Good Program:

The workshop is offered for cost of expenses only for nature preservation and research projects as well as community improvement programs.



Organize a proof of concept for your scenario and future drone program.


Confirm value of using drones in your work before committing to build a drone program.

Gather practical experiences, set the right expectations and be ready to make informed decisions.

Fine tune the drone program’s long-term requirements and build detailed plan of adoption.

Key activities:

Scenario review and planing.

Selection of tools and deliverable formats.

Site assessment, flight planning and regulatory work

Operational training.

Flight operations and initial data processing.

Results review, value assessment,  next steps planning and reporting.



Establish the drone program in your organization.


Design and initiate the essential processes, select the equipment, assign responsibilities, assess budgetary requirements and create the key documents.

Key activities:

Definition of the program goals, success factors and measurements.

Launch stage planing and budgeting.

Processes design..

Roles and responsibilities definition and assignment.

Equipment selection.

Operations process testing and fine tuning.

Training for the flight operations’ and extended team.

Early life support.



Ongoing support and continual improvement.


Establish drones as a standard tool and drone operations as a part of your business processes.

Ensure that your drone program remains effective by constantly reviewing it and initiating improvement actions.

Key deliverables:

On-demand technical, regulatory and process expertise.

Ongoing assistance and support during full process implementation. 

On site flight operations  reviews and follow-ups.

Development and testing of additional scenarios.

Periodical complete drone program assessments,  improvement recommendation, planning and facilitation.

Frequently asked questions

While this approach is scalable, it is best fitted to small and medium sized  organizations and to organizations that are in early stages of drone adoption. For larger and more mature organizations we recommend our  Operations Consulting Services and for those that want only minimal involvement, our Outsourcing Services.

No assumption is made about the sourcing model of the final drone program design. It is very likely that the final process will include external and internal stakeholders. 

Accelerator packages are intended for organizations that want to build their own drone programs and, as such, require active involvement of all the key project team members and contributors. 

No. While the approach and methodology used in a particular package is always similar, the scope, complexity and price will depend on your exact scenario and its requirements. 

No. Depending on your current state of drone adoption, you can start with or combine any of the accelerator packages. If needed, steps from other accelerator packages will be included as additional activities. 

Typically, we set the fixed price for the entire engagement based on its scope and agreed deliverables. That way we can be predictable about the cost of the accelerator package and enable you to assess its value in advance. 

No. Scoping and sizing of a package are regarded as presales activity and not charged. 

At the moment we work mainly in English language. 

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