With extreme pace of technology advancement, drones are rapidly taking their place all around us. For the first time in history, many can have their own aircraft and view the world in a way previously reserved for a selected few. However, wide availability and fast adoption of small unmanned aircraft represent significant challenge to their successful and safe integration into everyday life.

On the one side, they are aircraft, regulated by aviation authorities. On the other side, their technological base and pace of its advancement are more similar to  smartphones than airplanes. While aviation is risk averse and ensures that technical systems work well before they are widely deployed, information technology world is focused on super-fast innovation and comfortable with adoption of new technologies before they are fully matured. Consequently, both views need to be considered in order to successfully navigate the unmanned aviation landscape.

When drones attracted his attention, the company’s founder, Igor Tesija, instinctively did just that. He spent decades working in the fast-growing field of IT and, at the same time, he has been a lifelong aviation enthusiast and a licensed pilot. The company aims to integrate and share those different experiences and best practices to assist others in successfully adopting unmanned aircraft systems.

Key Expertise

Enterprise IT

IT management processes (change, risk, operations, service level, financial) 

10+ years of experience in enterprise consulting for major global IT corporation

People and business management experience

ITIL Expert in IT Service Management certificate

Aviation & Drones

Licensed RPA pilot in Belgium (R, Class 1)

Licensed pilot – Part FCL, PPL(A)

UAS Professional Programs at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Additional Experiences



ITC Level 1 Certificate


and digital image manipulation



including editing and coloring



measurement, 3D models

Why work with us?

In addition to our knowledge, experiences and skills you need us to perform in a way that is compatible with your practices and company culture. To better illustrate our priorities and approach, these are our values.


We invest our time to understand your needs and help you formulate the exact requirements.
Our main goal is helping you succeed and we will only propose a technical system or a service when we are convinced that they make sense for your particular scenario.


We do not expose our customers or uninvolved third parties to unnecessary safety or legal risks. We believe it is a good practice and a responsible behaviour and we also aim to avoid the risks to your and our reputation and business.


We do not make blind and overoptimistic promises. We are always clear about what unmanned aircraft systems and our company can do effectively as well as about all the constraints and realistic timelines.


We want to be available to and reachable for you in the shortest time possible. We aim to initiate communication and respond to your inquiries within one working day.


We consider ourselves successful only when drone program that we are building together succeeds. We are ready to invest our time in learning about your organization, its business and tools whenever necessary for planning and delivery of our services.

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